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Social Media Manager

Social Media is critical to your online success. It’s not only a heavy lead magnet but also a great SEO ranking signal. It’s not to be underestimated!

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Social Media Management Services That Actually Engage With Your Community.

Social Media Manager

A dedicated social media manager to run your profiles meticulously and consistently. We engage with your customers in a way that grows your community and ensures your brand radiates trust.

Custom Content

We create custom content to make sure we engage with your visitors. We don’t aimlessly link your new posts with broken thumbnails and stock photos, our custom content ensures your post is worth sharing.

Post Schedule

In order for your posts to be at the top of their game, it’s important that we find the right time to post. Every business and industry is different, which is why we will test and refine the perfect time for you to post to establish maximum engagement.


Once we have defined a correct schedule to engage with your community, it is incredibly important to be consistent. The more consistent we are with posting, the more chance we have of growing your brand.

Community Engagement

Posting to social media is important but it’s not everything. We will make sure your dedicated social manager is engaging with your community and building connections to your customers.

Newsletter Integration

Do you have a newsletter or a database of customers? We can integrate your newsletter straight into your social media platforms and gather sign-ups. Perfect for growing your mailing list and hooking new visitors on your funnel.

Branded Voice

Every business communicates differently across social media, and it’s important to get it right. Come across to cold and you’ll turn customers away, too friendly and it can be seen as unprofessional. We carefully devise the perfect voice to communicate your brand.

Profile Optimization

With many of our clients we tend to see the same pattern. Profiles are set up but missing a lot of information; believe it or not, filling out your profiles to their maximum potential drastically increases their performance. We ensure your profiles are fully optimized to outperform your competitors.

Page Creation

Too often business tend to stick with what they know and create a page on their favourite social media platform. However, this may not be the most beneficial to their brand, as each industries performance can vary per platform. We can create and optimize social pages on multiple platforms to maximize your reach.

Periodic Reporting

On request, we are able to provide periodic reporting to our clients. Our reporting will show statistics for all your managed social profiles such as engagement and goal progress. We can do this on a month by month basis or if preferred, leave the data crunching to us.

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Why Do I Need A Social Media Manager?

Anyone can schedule weekly or daily posts to go out on your chosen social media but what does it actually do? Without correct optimization and planned scheduled content, the possibilities are very limited on your reach.

With expert services, SMO provides you with the opportunity to generate leads by building relationships with your customers and followers through social media. You need to put a face to your business and make sure the people are connected to you in more of a way than just a like or a share. Social Media Optimization will give you the social edge over your competitors and make sure it’s your page they see and not another business’.

On top of building relationships, social metrics and generating leads, social media is also an incredibly powerful tool to drive increased traffic back to your website!

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Does It Need To Be Optimized?

Without a doubt! Optimizing your business page increases its performance drastically. Filling out every detail your aloud to edit will not only improve trust with your customers and Facebook themselves, but also ensure you have a lot higher chance of being found.

For example, if someone searches for accounting related information in London and you don’t actually have your location on your page, it’s highly unlikely that you’ll beat your competition. Granted this is a basic example of the endless possibilities of social media, but you get the point.

Optimizing your business page also gives you the opportunity to include some of your keywords and phrases.

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