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Local SEO is the art of marketing your business in specific areas for location-based queries. It’s the best way to rank in your service areas and let customers know you’re close by. This is increasingly important as more and more users search Google on a mobile device and are constantly on the move.

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Local SEO Services That Put Your Business On The Map...Literally

Google My Business

In order to have a successful Local SEO campaign, it is imperative that your business has a Google My Business (GMB) account set up. This will not only help with the credibility of your business but can also be optimized heavily to drastically increase your chances of ranking in your local area.

Service Pages

We will create and optimize location pages for each service area that you cover. We will ensure each page has its own unique content and structure to avoid any penalties. This will open up the ability to rank for many more local search queries.

Content Marketing

Content marketing, as always, is an incredibly important aspect of any campaign. In this instance, we will utilize relevant content we publish to your site to rank for local service areas. This is actioned through the power of keywords and technical SEO.

Technical SEO

Through technical SEO we will add custom schema markup to your site. This helps Google understand where your business is located and what areas it serves, once again, enhancing the performance of your Local SEO

Citation Building

Another strong ranking signal when covering Local SEO is to acquire links from local business directories. We will use our experience to find and analyse high-quality listings to add your business to increase the trust and authority of your website. We will make sure all citations acquired are relevant and powerful, not just spammy.

Review Campaign

It’s no secret that reviews have an impact on a business, but on top of influencing a buyers decision, it also has an effect on your sites’ ranking. Businesses with more unique and honest reviews will perform much better in the search engines. We will devise a campaign to acquire reviews for your business and embed and optimize them in the appropriate places.

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Benefits Of Our Local SEO Services

  • Increased Visibility In Service Areas
  • Rank for Location-Based Searches
  • Increased Business Trust And Credibility
  • Higher GMB Performance
  • Increased Performance In Overall SEO
  • Customers Know That Your Local

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How Our Local SEO Services Work

Local SEO is simply search engine optimization on a smaller geotargeted scale. The process is not a perfect fit for every business but can be an incredibly powerful process to utilize when relevant. It quite literally adds your business to the map. This means that your taking advantage of the 80% of Google users that are searching for local businesses.

Making use of Local SEO will put your business in front of relevant, quality customers that need exactly what your offering. You may be wondering why this is different from regular SEO
, and that’s a certainly valid question. Targeted a specific location or service area may narrow your audience but it does open your site up to rank for a whole new set of keywords and result packs. Think of it as adding a digital storefront to your business.

Many users are often searching the web for these location based queries, such as “emergency in XYZ” or “plumber near me”. Optimizing your Local SEO will give you a much greater chance of acquiring these visitors if Google knows where you are and who you offer your services to.

  • Trustworthy
  • Budget Tailored
  • Full Transparency
  • Premium Support
UK Local SEO Services
Ranking Your Website With Our UK Local SEO Services

Your Local SEO is determined from a number of factors including your business NAP, directory listings, Google My Business and a whole lot more. So when it comes to optimizing your Local SEO, it’s not a quick and easy process.

With our Local SEO services comes a long-term strategy to boost all ranking signals that impact geotargeted results. The strategy will include a plan of action to carry out the process in the most methodical and efficient way possible. We will increase your local authority and trust but conveying as much information to Google as we can. As we mentioned before, making use of this process is essentially providing your business with a digital storefront, and the more Google knows about your business and how it operates, the more chance you have or appearing to your local users.

We will also provide ample research into any keywords and phrases we can target relevant to your service areas. To track the progress of your Local SEO we will setup analytics for any leads such as phone calls, local search results you are appearing in and other conversion based actions.

Although geographical keywords are a huge bonus to any business that is offering local services or products it isn’t solely for this purpose alone, it also involves optimizing your Google Maps performance and appearing in rich results such as the local pack and knowledge panels. These are special search engine results that often appear in different places, most commonly above the search queries results. This means even if you don’t rank for a keyword, maybe because it’s too competitive, you still have a chance to appear at the top. These rich results certainly give you an edge over your competitors that aren’t taking advantage of Local SEO.

Local SEO For Storefront Businesses

Whilst Local SEO services are powerful they aren’t necessarily only for business that sells online. If you have ever searched for a local business you will notice that some of them have directions to their storefront, this is also the process of Local SEO.

Our services will include citations and link building to earn the trust of your local market. We will feature your business on local directories such as Yelp, TripAdvisor and many more that are relevant to your business. This will help convey authority and capitalize on the already strong flow of traffic on these sites.

As well as increasing the authority and local ranking of your business, having your business listed on these popular sites and directories will also show your visitors that you’re a company that they can trust. The familiar logos carry a certain physiological weight to them.

Could Your Business Benefit From Local SEO?

We’d love to give you a walkthrough and show you exactly how our Local SEO services can help give your business a digital storefront.

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