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Keywords and phrases are the foundation of your SEO strategy, without them you will struggle to rank your website in any relevant and quality search queries.

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Keyword Analysis Services That Give Your Business The Chance Capture High Quality Leads

As you may know if you have done any research on SEO is that websites aren’t stumbled upon by accident, they need a carefully devised strategy, and the first step to such a thing is your keyword analysis.

Your keywords are simply the words that best represent your site. They can be a mixture of words or short phrases that are used in a way so that your potential visitors can find you much easier.

When these keywords are properly implemented Googles algorithm will reward your site for it’s efforts. Having a accurately analysed keyword list will ensure people find your business through a wider variety of performed searches. And as you may be aware, when you use Google to search for a recipe, video or a myriad of other queries there are millions of results, so giving your business the ability to appear in multiple of these result queries will exponentially increase your chances of being found.

Our keyword analysis services will start with our team analysing your website to find the most relevant keywords. These will be the phrases that match your brand and sites content as closely as possible. The more relevant your keywords are to your site the more Google will match your content with that searchers query.

In addition to analysing which keywords and phrases best fit your content there are also a number of other things to consider, one of the most important being competition. The more competition you have for a keyword the higher the keyword difficulty will be, in other words it will be harder to rank your site, especially for some keywords such as “Cola drink” or “Women’s clothing” because your never going to rank higher than the giants who spend millions of £’s on advertising, no matter how good at SEO you are.

This is where our experts will analyse your competition and find the best keywords for YOUR business and it’s content.

After we have analysed the perfect keywords we will begin to strategize on how to implement them. Unfortunately for us SEO workers it isn’t as simple as “slapping” them on your website in any random order. As with everything in our industry, there’s a science to it.

Keywords will need to be added to your site in such a way that pleases the almighty search engine bots. This will most of the time require a restructure of any existing text on your website. Don’t worry, we will never change how your website looks or feels without your permission, we may just need to move some words around and replace them for a better outcome.

As we mentioned there are a huge number of aspects to consider when performing keyword analysis as well as the technical side of things. But our team will make sure this is done to the best of our abilities, after all, keyword analysis is the building foundation for your SEO.

If you would like to know more about the importance of keyword research you can always check out our blog.

Keyword Research

In order to rank your website with relevant keywords a hefty amount of research will need to be conducted. We don’t get you rank 1 for a long-tail keyword with no actual worth just to stick in our report. Our research consists of finding search terms that have high value to your business and the possibility to rank on.

Keyword Mapping

Part of the process that is known as keyword mapping is an important step to ranking. At this point we will analyse your entire site to establish the correct page for each keyword and phrase. This will help with search relevancy and ensure you are targeting visitors in the right stage of your funnel.

Keyword Tracking

Once we have established the correct keywords for your website and implemented our tailored strategy, we will continue to track these keywords and their progress, this helps us analyse their value and tweak our process for maximum performance.

Premium Traffic

Keyword analysis allows us to find search terms that your business can rank and will provide high-quality traffic. Opposed to visitors that are useless and have no affect on the bottom line. This takes time and skill but always proves to be a valuable process.

Search Intent

Every search query has intent behind it, it’s our job to find out exactly what that intent is. By doing so, we can implement keywords and phrases that help guide a visitor through your funnel with maximum chance of conversion.

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What Can Your Keyword Services Do For My Business?

Keyword Analysis is an essential step towards a successful digital marketing campaign. It sets the groundwork for any current and future content to rank for relevant and quality search queries.

This will increase your chances of converting that visitor into a customer. This process is done by analysing keywords in your industry and deconstructing the data behind them, such as the search volume, competition, and intent behind the searchers’ query.

Once we have handpicked the perfect keywords; for instance, in an article, we then strategically place these throughout that article to increase your chances of ranking for those terms. It’s a little more complicated than this, but to put it simply, it makes sure that your content is directed to the right people, at the right time.

Can I Conduct Keyword Analysis Myself?

Of course you can, but it’s not easy. On top of the expense for the software required to analyse these keywords, you also need to know a fair amount of SEO, as this tends to work hand in hand.

Keyword Analysis requires breaking down multiple sources of data to find the right terms to add to your content, and if you get it wrong, it could render your content entirely useless.

We’re not trying to scare you off, but if you’re going to do it yourself, you need to be prepared for the amount of work required to pull it off. We find that many people don’t realise quite how long the process can take, it may be more cost-effective to hire your friendly neighbourhood pro.

Do You Provide Keyword Analysis As A Separate Service?

We do indeed. Our expertise can provide you with a list of keywords your business should target and their relative data. We can help break it down so nothing is too complicated and you know exactly what you need to do.

This service is perfect if you’re trying to plan ahead and devise a strategy, or even build a new website. Better yet, if you’re having another company build you a website, let us know, and we can communicate on your behalf to make sure your new design is targeting all the right keywords.

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The Backbone Of Successful Content

Keyword Analysis is a powerful aspect of digital marketing, and when done correctly, is hugely rewarding.

It’s not something that can be done overnight and requires you to pay close attention to your data. Remember, the process must also be repeated for every new piece of content published.

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