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Growing an online store to over £1k days

We took this business from minimal sales to over £1,000 per day with the power of SEO and an expertly crafted social media ad strategy


We got in touch with a new business to discuss their goals and direction they expected the business to take.

Throughout our meeting we talked through various strategies and which would be best suited for their budget to help the business grow.

We eventually decided the best route to take would be to focus heavily on social media PPC with a careful strategy testing their products before scaling them to a much larger audience.

After a couple weeks on a small budget we used the data to put together a strategy ready for their business launch.

We started small to match their budget and as sales rolled in we were able to collect more and more data. After a month of relatively small performance we discussed the possibility of scaling their business.

This was only a single month after their launch but with such impressive data and success with their products it was important for us to act on this and take advantage of the current market.

We began by scaling products one by one again repeating the testing phase to see where the publics interest lay with various products.

After we found our “winning” product, we took the budget of this campaign much higher and continued to scale it with the corresponding increase in sales.

Once a few more weeks had passed the business had received incredibly results and had started to hit £1,000 per day in gross sales. With a 45% profit margin this was an enormous result for a brand new business, something they never expected.

We developed an incredible relationship with the brand and helped them along the way in their digital success.

Over the course of just 3 months of working together, the business had hit over £50,000 in sales.

Unfortunately the worldwide pandemic had hit hard and as this particular business imported goods for re-sale the global closure had affected it’s delivery of stock, The business is currently on hold but plans to continue with our strategy and optimization services to get back on track.

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